Telegram Details

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app like Whatsapp, which is more open, safe, secure and private.

Telegram allows you to communicate with your contacts. All messages sent by telegram can be encrypted easily removed or removed.

You can send files up to 1.5 GB, all the media can be stored in the cloud. The most important thing is that it is free forever without any advertising and tracking.

Apart from this, Telegram allows you to create and incorporate groups, which are your own small communities. You can create open or private groups.

Apart from this, a telegram comes with the features which are the only pile, which is a popular collaboration platform for teams.

Additionally, you can create a channel where you can broadcast a message to any person joining the channel. Then, channels can be open or private in your choice.

Like loose, telegram also has bots. Anyone can make bots and they can do things on the telegram.

The most important feature of telegrams is their API, which allows anyone to add his or her app with a telegram.

Hundreds of integration are already available for the telegram, which you can use. The number of third-party applications for telegram is increasing rapidly.

Telegram Based Recharge System

Bot Payments API
You can accept payments from Telegram users via Telegram Bots.

Introducing Payments
Telegram bots can accept payments for goods and services from users as of Bot API v.3.0. Users will need Telegram v.4.0 or higher to pay for your goods and services.

How does this work?
From the user's perspective the payments system is completely seamless. Merchant bots can send specially formatted invoice messages to users. Such invoice messages feature a photo and description of the product along with a prominent Pay button. Tapping this button opens a special payment interface in the Telegram app. In this interface, users are prompted for additional details like shipping info, phone number, or email address.

Once they've entered all the necessary info, it is forwarded to the merchant bot. The bot can offer several shipping options for physical goods based on the address. When ready, users can enter their credit card info or choose one of their saved cards — and pay for the product. Telegram also supports Apple Pay and Android Pay. Once the transaction is done, the merchant bot sends a receipt message that contains payment details along with shipping and delivery information.

Telegram Based SMS Auto Replay System

This is possible in Telegram with the Telegram API! By the way, the Telegram API is not the same as the Telegram Bot API: the automatic replies will be sent by your own Telegram account, not from a bot.

How it works
Whenever you do something in the mobile app, web or desktop client, the client uses the Telegram API to make it happen. Incoming messages are received and replies are sent through the Telegram API. Creating a new group or changing your display picture is done using the Telegram API. Even your online status and “typing…” notifications and conveyed through the Telegram API.

Since the Telegram API is open, anyone can implement their own Telegram client and communicate with Telegram servers. With some coding and algorithms, we can make use of use the Telegram API to send automatic replies from our own Telegram account.

Telegram Based chatbot development

Telegram bot development
With an active user base of more than 62 millions, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps out there. It might not be as mighty as whatsapp or FB messenger but according to global web index, 89% of Telegram’s active users are willing to transfer money via Telegram. This is way more than apps such as Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp with 46%, 46% and 58% respectively. No wonder telegram decided to release its bot development API for developers.

Telegram is a potential platform where AI based bots can offer and lot and create great customer experiences.

Telegram bot development can be rewarding in many ways

  • - Large user base in millions
  • - Telegram has high MAU and high retention
  • - Growing popularity across the globe can provide a substantial platform for bots
  • - Telegram bot developers can make bots for customized notification and news
  • - Telegram bots have custom keyboards, inline mode and other exciting features
  • - Comes with three global commands to make interactions easier with your users
  • - Telegram bots can be integrated with other services such as Youtube bot, IMDB bot etc.
  • - You can build a myriad of social services as bots within Telegram
  • - Interaction with your brand is possible irrespective of time-zones or location of the user(s)
  • - You may save some money you might otherwise spend on CRM
  • - Customized Telegram bots are interesting. You can make a branding tool out of them

The Telegram bot development process
The telegram bot development process is pretty simple and our developers are familiar with it. Telegram has its own bot development API which is an HTTP-based interface for bot developers. Developers need to generate a token once the bot is created. The token serves as a unique code for identifying a specific bot.

Set up your bot

You don’t need to write any code for this. In fact, you don’t even need your computer! Go to the telegram app on your phone and…
1.Search for the “botfather” telegram bot (he’s the one that’ll assist you with creating and managing your bot)

2.Type /help to see all possible commands the botfather can handle

3.Click on or type /newbot to create a new bot.

Follow instructions and make a new name for your bot. If you are making a bot just for experimentation, it can be useful to namespace your bot by placing your name before it in its username, since it has to be a unique name. Although, its screen name can be whatever you like.
I have chosen “Marco Polo Bot” as the screen name and “sohamsmarcopolo_bot” as its username.

4.Congratulations! You have created your first bot. You should see a new API token generated for it (for example, in the previous picture, you can see my newly generated token is 270485614:AAHfiqksKZ8WmR2zSjiQ7_v4TMAKdiHm9T0). Now you can search for your newly created bot on telegram :

5.Go ahead and start chatting with your bot!

Set up you bot server

Every time you message a bot, it forwards your message in the form of an API call to a server. This server is what processes and responds to all the messages you send to the bot.

There are two ways we can go about receiving updates whenever someone sends messages to our bot :

1.Long polling : Periodically scan for any messages that may have appeared. Not recommended.
2.Webhooks : Have the bot call an API whenever it receives a message. Much faster and more responsive.

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